We Relaunch on October 13th!!!

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If you’ve been following our Kickstarters, then you already know that our launch on September 22nd was plagued by technical issues.

The short version is that we launched our Kickstarter, picked up two pledges right away, and then noticed that the site was experiencing slowdown and acting buggy. It took us 15 minutes to upload a picture an make an announcement on our previous Kickstarter that we were live, and we found out we couldn’t view any Kickstarters unless we were logged in.

Those issues resolved themselves, for us, after about an hour, but received no further pledges during the first hour. We hoped that with the issues resolved we’d pick up some momentum, but we only got a handful of pledges in the next 10 hours.

We were already devastated, but then we had a customer reach out and tell us that they just pledged, but had been trying to pledge a few times every hour since launch and had only just gotten through.

Other customers started contacting us telling us they were unable to pledge, and a lot of folks told us when they went to Kickstarter all they got for our campaign was a blank screen. Others told us how only a few of our images loaded, just enough to make it look like a poorly put together Kickstarter. We also heard that the video wouldn’t load, or that it did load but was laggy.

We’re still not sure how extensive the site issues were or how many backers we lost because of them, but we decided the best thing to do, moving forward, was to scrap the Kickstarter and relaunch in a couple weeks.

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