Melissa Lamb

Melissa Lamb is our resident artist-in-chief and company co-founder. She’s the talent behind most of the artwork seen around the website, she draws the High Roller strip, she works directly with our factory partners to develop products, and she has the final say in all of Polyhydra’s creative decisions and design choices.

Melissa got her degree in animation from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, while living in the West End neighborhood. Since leaving Australia she’s traveled across Asia and North America working as an animator and illustrator on films, television shows, video games, comic books, and she’s even drawn the odd picture for a few tabletop game projects. When she’s not getting paid, she focuses on passion projects, like sculpting, life drawing, and painting. In the last couple of years she’s taken an interest in resin art, and she’s excited to apply her talents to designing dice.

Rob Frey

Rob is a writer, a company co-founder, and a life long tabletop gamer. He writes the High Roller comic strip, designed the website, does most of the social media outreach, and he’s written almost all of the words on this site. He’s also in charge of figuring out shipping, pricing, and running our crowdfunding campaigns.

Rob grew up in Las Vegas, and studied English and creative writing at CSN and UNLV. He occasionally writes for film, television, and graphic novels, but lately he’s been getting by as a freelance copywriter. These days he mostly plays board games, but at different times in the past he’s been really into RPGs, miniature gaming, and collectible card games.