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Apologies for postponing Tuesday’s Top Ten List. The Top 10 RPGs of the 80s that aren’t D&D is being worked on right now and should be up on Thursday. We may have to change our Top 10 schedule to once a week so we can focus more on the Kickstarter.

Speaking of the Kickstarter, we’ve been searching for factories to work with outside of China. So far we haven’t found one that can do the resin dice designs we want at an affordable price that also treats their employees ethically. We’re not saying there aren’t factories like that, just that we haven’t been able to find them.

What we have found is a great factory that’s able to do metal dice. We have some designs planned that are different than anything we’ve seen offered by other dice manufacturers, and the dice are going to be made with 316L surgical grade steel. Most of the metal dice we’ve seen are made with a lower quality metal alloy, and the handful we’ve seen that use 316L are very expensive.

We’ve taken a tour of the factory, and the working conditions were up to our standards. The factory specializes in metal jewelry, and we’re really excited about the level of craftsmanship they’ll be bringing to our designs. They’ve also worked with some large US firms, and being located outside of China, we don’t have to worry about any unexpected issues because of the US-China trade war.

Also we’re currently exploring offering our designs as FUDGE dice in our Kickstarter!!!

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