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A few customers have told us that they’d like to see a larger D12 in future sets. Now that most customers have received their dice, we’d love to get everyone’s opinion on how big to make future D12s.

The current size (17mm) was chosen based on our research and community outreach. The D12 is easily distinguished from the D20, and its diameter is comparable with other dice in the set.

As an alternative we could increase the diameter to 19mm to make the D12 a bit bigger. At this size the die would be a little heavier but still be easily distinguishable from the D20.

Another alternative is we could increase the diameter of the D12 to 23mm to give the set a more uniform look. At this size we may have to dull the corners for safety.

If you would be happy with any size D12 in future sets, we’d love to know that as well!


D12 Size Poll

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  1. I loved the set, but yes, the d12 was much too small. Not only making it look out of place, but also required me to look a bit more closely to see what the roll result was as it was such a smaller print. I voted 17mm, but honestly if there was a “anything bigger” option, I definitely would’ve clicked it. I just don’t know how I feel about the effects that dulling the edges may have.

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