August 2019

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We have exciting news about our dice!!!

The first sets of dice we will be releasing will be made with 316L surgical grade stainless steel. This is the same high-quality metal used in body piercings. The dice will be solid stainless steel, we’re not just talking about a coating, and they will be made with injection molding.Melissa has created a unique design for the dice, and she’s currently working with the factory to develop it into a mold. The final product will be computer generated to ensure that it is mathematically accurate and balanced.

The first set we will be offering is rainbow stainless steel. This effect is achieved by running an electrical current through the steel at a specific voltage which changes the color of its surface. The process is known as anodizing, and its similar to anodizing titanium. One of the advantages of the factory we’re working with is they have a process for anodizing stainless steel.

The second set we’re offering is stainless steel with a hematite PVD coating. PVD stands for physical vapour deposition, and is a process by which a very thin layer of actual hematite will be deposited on the surface of the die, creating a durable and scratch-resistant layer of hematite coating.

If we can exceed our funding goals by enough, we plan to also offer purple anodized stainless steel and stainless steel with a rose gold PVD coating, again using real rose gold.

On all of our dice we’re planning to use enamel to color the numbers so they stand out better.

All available styles will be sold in sets of 7 (d20, d12, d10, d%, d8, d6, d4) and as individual d20s. Our rainbow set will also be offered as Fudge dice, and we may offer Fudge dice in other styles if there is demand for it. We’re also exploring offering sets of just d6 dice.

We hope to launch the Kickstarter sometime in September or October. We don’t know exactly how much the dice will cost yet, but we do expect them to be a bit more expensive than typical metal dice. This is due to our dice being higher quality and made with more expensive materials. We should be able to offer our dice at a price that is competitive with or even lower than the few other solid stainless steel dice we’ve seen on the market.

We’re really proud to be working with the factory we’ve chosen. They’re located in Thailand, a country that is a strong US trading partner, so we don’t have to worry about the US-China trade war affecting our Kickstarter. They’re a jewelery manufacturer, so they’re experienced with manufacturing detailed, high-quality metal products. They’ve also worked with some large US firms, and they’re capable of doing orders much larger than what we’re likely to sell. We’re confident that they can do a hundred or even a thousand times what we expect to sell in the Kickstarter with no more than an extra couple weeks delay.

One of the big reasons why we chose this factory is because their website advertised their ethical employment practices. We showed up unannounced and toured the factory, and there was nothing that concerned us. The factory was air-conditioned, employees had a lot of personal space to work, everyone seemed relatively happy for being at work, and employees were using the proper safety equipment. Thailand enforces minimun wage laws, pregnancy leave and non discrimination in the workplace.

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